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At Emergence we are pioneering cyber protection in Australia. Our expertise means we are dedicated to protecting, educating and supporting businesses with their cyber insurance needs.

Cyber Insurance


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Comprehensive cover specifically designed to protect SME businesses from a cyber event by providing response costs, protecting your revenue stream and defending and protecting you against third party liability suits.

As people, business and governments all become more reliant on interconnected computer networks, more economic value is digitised and stored online, making the rewards of cybercrime ever more attractive. From financial crime to theft of personal or confidential business information, cybercriminals. [. . .]
New website, new products, new security and IT system . . . We’ve been working hard over the last fee months to bring you and evolved Emergence. We welcome you to take a look. [. . .]
Until now, data breach reporting in Australia has been largely voluntary for businesses but new reforms impose a mandatory data breach for businesses with an annual turnover of. [. . .]
Whether you’re just starting your company or you’ve established yourself in an industry, a cybersecurity mistake can wipe out all your progress and growth.
Your CFO gets an e-mail from the CEO asking her to transfer money that’s needed urgently for a new acquisition. Why would she question an e-mail from the CFO?