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Emergence. We have your cyber security risks covered

The risk to your business of cyberattacks and data breaches cannot be overstated. Every business is online in some way – which means every business is at risk. Mitigating the risk of a cyber event should be a business priority.


One of the defences you can protect your business with is an insurance policy developed by a cyber risk expert. At Emergence, we understand cyber security. Our policies are the result of our extensive cyber risk and insurance expertise, combined with the technology, knowledge and partnerships with global cyber experts.

Who we are

Cyber is all we do. We are technology and cyber risk experts – and specialist cyber risk insurers.


Technology has fundamentally changed the way we do business. It has improved the way we communicate, transact and compete, but it has also created new risks.IB-BROKERS-ON-UNDERWRITING-AGENCIES-medals_bronze_Artboard Our dependence on the internet, and the exponential growth of web enabled devices and social media has made us more interconnected, but it has also provided fertile ground for criminal activity.


We have built our business on identifying and quantifying the new and emerging cyber security risks your business faces –  and on creating tailored insurance products to protect against them.

As voted by brokers and industry judges in the Insurance Business Awards, our Cyber Event Protection solution was awarded;

  • Underwriting Agency of the Year 2019
  • Brokers pick – Cyber Event Protection in 2015, 2017 & 2018
  • Cyber and Information Technology Liability provider – Gold 2018, Silver 2017 & Bronze 2016

Who we protect

We specialise in protecting businesses (from start-ups to ASX listed) from cyber risks to every IT facet of their business – hardware, software, networks and employee error.


A cyberattack or breach can cause direct financial loss, damage and/or disruption to business operations. It can also give rise to third party liabilities if a negligent or malicious online act results in identify theft, credit card fraud, invasion of privacy or any number of other losses.

Protecting your business against losses associated with cyber risk makes good financial sense and should be a key component of your cyber risk mitigation strategy.

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